Our regional products are at the heart of our healthy meals, prepared with attention to detail and love. By using original Ayurvedic spices, our meals activate agni, the embodiment of fire, to stimulate the metabolism. Each guest will receive a tailored menu to rebalance their doshas.

Our Ayurvedic nutrition plans at the ENGEL AYURPURA are also tailored to each guest.

The medical Ayurveda team works closely together with our chefs to create a tailored nutrition plan for all our guests. Our meals are all prepared according to the idea of providing guests with a balanced, high-quality, regional, sustainable, and healthy offer. A conscious lifestyle also requires conscious eating choices, which will help you rebalance your doshas and find a new you. All this, and much more, can be reached at the ENGEL AYURPURA.

As exclusive as it gets!

No need to feel cramped during your holidays:
swim in a new infinity pool and bask in the new
panorama sauna. Pure bliss and relaxation guaranteed.
Ayurveda Spa