A journey to oneself releases energies more effectively than ever before. The term Alpine Detox conceals various natural healing methods of fasting.

Lose weight and detoxify with the basic diet: fasting with flavour

The basic diet is very effective and sustainable over time. Based on a mainly vegetable and carbohydrate-free diet, the basic diet helps above all to make the body less acidic. In addition, the beauty of nature invites you to take long walks and you will feel full of energy and vitality.

Dr. Otto Buchinger's fasting method: The art of health

In South Tyrol, a true natural paradise, you can discover therapeutic fasting according to Dr. Buchinger. You will discover it as a true elixir of health and beauty.
Our therapists and the whole team will accompany you on this healthy journey. A method of detox and balance between mind and body that will make you rediscover yourself.

Priceless “me time”

15 brand-new rooms furnished according to a clear and important principle: LIGHTNESS.
Your retreat

As exclusive as it gets!

No need to feel cramped during your holidays:
swim in a new infinity pool and bask in the new
panorama sauna. Pure bliss and relaxation guaranteed.
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