Panchakarma cure

The way to sustainable health

In Ayurveda, Panchakarma is a complex purification process that has been practised in this form for over 2000 years. Panchakarma is the heart of Ayurveda and is rightly called the royal road to health. No cure is more profound and effective than the Ayurvedic Panchakarma cure. In the meantime, thousands of people all over the world have experienced the blessings of Ayurveda and Panchakarma. They all feel mentally and physically lighter, more energetic and more efficient afterwards. Here at Hotel Engel, too, our guests who have undergone a Panchakarma cure report this sublime feeling. "I feel like I've been reborn!" This is the sentence we hear from the very most. And how right they are, because a Panchakarma cure works like a deep detox cure.

Why do a Panchakarma cure?

In Ayurveda, it is assumed that toxins and metabolic residues accumulate in the body over the course of a lifetime. These are called ama. If these burdens become too much, diseases develop. Our western medicine can treat diseases well, but Ayurveda starts much earlier: Through type-appropriate nutrition, lifestyle and cleansing cures, the body can be freed from toxins and metabolic residues.
In Ayurveda, it is even said that those who regularly undergo panchakarma cures remain completely healthy throughout their lives and can easily live to be over 100 years old.
  • Metabolic disorders such as gout, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism, incipient diabetes mellitus
  • Stomach and intestinal disorders such as constipation, hyperacidity
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Respiratory diseases such as asthma, sinusitis, hay fever, bronchitis
  • Skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, rosacea or mycoses
  • Allergies and autoimmune diseases
  • gynaecological disorders, menstrual pain
  • Psychovegetative disorders such as insomnia, burnout
  • Psychosomatic illnesses
A Panchakarma cure is also suitable for weight reduction. This is usually a welcome side effect of the cure anyway.
However, if you suffer from underweight, your cure will be tailored to ensure that you do not lose weight, but can even reach a healthy normal weight.

Every cure is completely individual

Depending on the dosha type and above all, depending on which dosha is out of balance, the cures differ considerably from each other. Your age also plays a role, as do your complaints and illnesses, and ultimately the goal you wish to achieve.
First of all, the cure begins for every spa guest with an anamnesis and a pulse diagnosis with Dr. Mishra, our Ayurvedic doctor. He also determines which diet and which massages are optimal for you to be able to use your full energy potential again.

Panchakarma is a precisely defined sequence of three phases.

All our spa guests who take a Panchakarma cure go through these three phases:
  1. The pre-cure for intestinal cleansing
  2. The main cure for deep cell cleansing with oil massages, sweat treatments and a special diet.
  3. The post-cure, which prepares and stabilises you for everyday life.
The intestinal cleansing is done by drinking liquid ghee. This normalises the doshas that have increased. Sweating treatments and a metabolism-stimulating diet accompany this cleansing process.
After a few days, the main cure begins with oil massages to eliminate toxins from the cells and medicinal enemas. Treatment of the nose with oils or herbal stamps can also be used here. The core of the Panchakarma cure rids you of everything that has led to discomfort and illness. Depending on the degree to which your illness or discomfort has reached, several cures may be necessary. A Panchakarma cure alone cannot work miracles if a disease has long since become chronic.
In the follow-up cure, Agni, your digestive fire, is slowly rebuilt. In this phase you need a lot of rest, because your system has been shaken up. Our kitchen team will now pamper you with restorative dishes and prepare you for everyday life.

When you are back home

When you arrive home, you will probably often hear: You're glowing! No wonder, because your cells have been able to regenerate from head to toe and are free of all ballast. To ensure that your cure success at home lasts as long as possible, we will provide you with lots of recommendations and herbal preparations. You can order these from us at any time.

3 days, 3 weeks or even 3 months?

The ancient Ayurvedic scriptures state that the preliminary treatment alone, i.e. phase 1 (see below), lasts three to six weeks. In India, the home country of Ayurveda, Panchakarma cures can last up to three months. In our country, cures of two to three weeks have proved very successful.
Our Panchakarma cures make it easy for you to find the right balance. Of course, the longer the cure, the more profound and successful it is. But a Panchakarma cure is not a wellness cure.
The loosening of metabolic residues, the massages and the change of diet are quite strenuous.
You will not be able to go on long walks during this time, nor should you. Our packages are calculated examples. Which treatments you will receive is ultimately decided by Dr. Mishra, our Ayurvedic doctor.
If you are already familiar with Ayurveda, you will know that all our treatments are selected according to type.

The team that lovingly cares for you

In India, an Ayurveda expert is called a Vaidya. The training of a Vaidya is much longer than the training to become an MD here in the West.
We are fortunate to have Dr. Vaidya Swami Nath Mishra, born in Uttar Pradesh, India, a great and experienced Ayurveda specialist in our house.
His team of five has for the most part received training from Dr. Mishra. This enables us to offer you exceptionally high quality. Here you can get an idea of our Ayurveda experts.
Our Ayurveda experts are not only excellently trained, they are also a wonderful human enrichment in our house.

Discover ayurveda for yourself

The ancient Vedic scriptures say that every person should take a Panchakarma cure at least once, better even three times a year.
If you manage to enjoy a cure every year, you will soon notice that you will feel better from year to year. Panchakarma cures have a cumulative effect, i.e. the cure success increases from year to year!
Panchakarma not only has a beneficial and cleansing effect on your body. You will also benefit mentally and spiritually.
The change in diet also calms your mind, you experience deceleration and rest more within yourself. These are the best conditions for a healthy and long life.
Ayurveda means exactly that: the knowledge of a healthy, long life.