A good start in the day!

Until 10 o’clock in the morning it is the Kapha dosha that is dominant, while the digestive fire is not yet working at full capacity. A heavy or nutrient-poor breakfast will also weaken the digestive fire and increase the Kapha even more, leading to an energy low as well as a constant feeling of hunger. A good breakfast is therefore the best start to the day – and an Ayurvedic breakfast especially so! It is delicious, easily digestible, provides plenty of energy and is highly satisfying! Of course everyone is different and there is no one form of Ayurvedic breakfast. The basis is always a glass of boiled water and a portion of warm porridge. Here we present three healthy and delicious breakfast ideas that can be adapted to your constitution type and taste:

Engel porridge


500 g oatmeal
2.5 l water
500 g rice milk
100 g honey
50 g chia seeds
50 g turmeric*
50 g ginger
10 g cinnamon
6 cardamom pods*
5 cloves
50 g pistachios
50 g chopped hazelnuts

Place all ingredients in a pan and simmer for 40 minutes on a low heat.

Rice porridge with buckwheat


50 g buckwheat
50 g basmati rice
100 g apple juice
500 ml water
100 g rice milk
20 g ghee*
20 g cocoa
5 g cardamom* powder
1 zest of an untreated lemon
1 zest of an untreated orange
10 g pine nuts

Mix everything except the zest and the cocoa powder and cook for 30 minutes. Only add the lemon and orange zest at the end. Sprinkle the finished porridge with cocoa.

Date-plum cream


200 g stoned dates and dried plums
200 g soy milk
10 g grated ginger
fresh pepper
2 cardamom pods*
20 g linseed
40 g nuts

Soak the dates and dried plums in water for two hours, then mix with the remaining ingredients and refrigerate.
*Short Ayurveda ABC:
  • Ghee: clarified Ayurvedic butter, the basis for Ayurvedic cuisine, as well as a food and medicine in one. Ghee is made of butter, contains no milk protein or water and thus consists of almost 100% fat.
  • Turmeric: also known as Indian Saffron, this is a typical condiment used in Ayurvedic cooking.
  • Cardamom: a hot-sweet spice also used in Ayurvedic cuisine, mainly for baking and in desserts.