Why take an ayurveda cure in europe?

Seven reasons for an ayurveda cure in europe

Whoever wants to do an Ayurveda cure or a Panchakarma cure usually first thinks of India or Sri Lanka. Many people still think that authentic Ayurveda treatments are only available in the motherland of Ayurveda, i.e. in faraway Asia. But this has not been true for a long time. On the contrary, Ayurvedic cures and treatments in Europe are often superior to those in Asia! Read seven reasons that speak for an Ayurveda cure in Europe.

1. short journey for your ayurveda cure in europe

Travelling increases the Vata dosha. Vata is one of the three doshas that govern our lives. Dosha can also be translated as energy type or basic energy. The three energy types are called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Pitta stands for the fiery and Kapha is the structural principle, that which grounds. Vata stands for airiness, lightness and also restlessness.
Travelling brings the Vata dosha out of balance, it is increased, thus there is more restlessness in the person. That is why short journeys to and from Asia are always preferable to long-haul flights. Most people in Europe already have an increased Vata dosha by nature. Our way of life simply brings this with it. Computer work, too little exercise, too little sleep, too much television, smart phones, all this increases Vata enormously.
A Panchakarma cure or Ayurveda cure can now calm the Vata dosha again and bring it back to its original level. And then it is good if on the way to the cure the Vata dosha is not increased even further.

Stress relief with Ayurveda
An Ayurvedic cure always aims to purify the body and dissolve stress. This is just as successful in Asia as in Europe, but the time change destroys a large part of the cure's success. The first time change is already necessary on arrival in Asia. But since you are pampered at the Ayurveda Resort and can rest a lot, this burden is not so noticeable. The stress caused by the long flight and the long period of immobility is also dissipated by the cure. But the positive effects take longer to appear, as the Vata dosha really went up again shortly before the start of the treatment.

2. sudden heat and humidity

Ayurveda cures in India or Sri Lanka are often booked during the European winter season. Those who don't like the wet and cold winter are happy about light, sun and warmth. Unfortunately, they do not realise how strenuous this change is for the body. Because the heat in Asia can be extremely humid and demands a lot of energy, which is usually perceived as tiredness. Thus, a large part of the Ayurvedic treatment is first spent on the fact that the body is undergoing a change. Instead of the necessary cleansing of the intestines, an adjustment phase is first necessary.
Those who stay in Europe and its familiar climate can enjoy the beneficial and detoxifying effects of an Ayurvedic cure from the very first day.

3. european standard - you can rely on it

In recent years, Ayurveda has developed strongly in Europe. If you want to convince people with Ayurveda here, you need the best Ayurveda doctors and therapists. In the meantime, there are many institutes in Europe that train top qualified doctors and therapists. The quality of training is outstanding and guarantees all patients a security that is not easy to find in the rest of the world. There are many stories of Ayurveda seekers coming back sick from Asia. Therefore, European training of those treating Ayurveda is of great importance. And finally, it is good to be able to express oneself in one's mother tongue during treatment.

4. the pharmacy law applies

A few years ago, Ayurvedic medicines came into disrepute when the German magazine Der Spiegel reported about heavy metals in Ayurvedic food supplements. This was certainly a sad exception, but nevertheless it is good to know that in Europe only herbs, food supplements and oils that comply with the pharmacy laws of the respective country may be used.
This is a guarantee that protects you from unwanted poisoning.
The popular Ashwagandha, which is very often bought and taken, must definitely be enjoyed in the best quality. Only then can it also unfold its rejuvenating effect.
Here, the pharmacy law of your country protects you from harmful effects.

5. regional products are better tolerated

Exotic fruits and aromatic vegetables on the plate are a highlight in Asia! If you love Asian cuisine, you might consider taking an Ayurveda cure in India or Sri Lanka for this reason alone. But unfortunately, this is also not a good argument for taking the long way around. Home-grown fruit and vegetables, in season, are much easier for the body to metabolise. So there is much more energy left over to complete the strenuous cleansing cure at the Ayurveda Centre.
The success of the cure is quicker if the body only has to process what it is prepared for.
Those who would like to continue cooking with the Ayurvedic recipes at home will be grateful if they have learned recipes from ingredients they can also buy locally during the cure. What use are the most unusual spices if you can't get them at home? So the desire to continue cooking Ayurvedic food quickly vanishes.
This is a pity, because cooking at home according to Ayurvedic recipes makes the success of an Ayurvedic cure last for a long time.
Learn more about our Ayurveda cuisine here.

6. the return flight eats up the success of the cure

After two or three weeks of colon cleansing, purification and detox in Asia, now comes the long return journey! As travelling increases the Vata dosha, a long flight, combined with a lot of waiting time, sitting for far too long and immobility, is counterproductive. The restorative effect of an Ayurveda cure is almost used up on the return journey. Most people don't notice it that way, but nevertheless the success of the cure wears off noticeably faster than after an Ayurveda cure at home.

Why is this so?
Already on the return flight, the Vata dosha increases significantly again. The seat of Vata is assigned to the abdominal area. If you sit for a long time without moving, Vata increases strongly. This can express itself immediately as bloating or a slightly cramped abdomen, or through subsequent sleep disturbances, restlessness and nervousness. It is the exact opposite of what Ayurvedic treatments are supposed to achieve. Hardly arrived at home, one would actually have to do another Ayurveda treatment. But this time better in Europe!

7. sustainable with ayurveda in europe

Long air journeys are not only very strenuous for the body, they are also harmful to the climate. Travelling to a European destination can often be done by train, many hotels and establishments pick up their guests at the station. This is both relaxing and environmentally friendly.
This way you can enjoy your Ayurveda cure from day one.