Rasayana - 5 Days fountain of youth (5 Days)

The aim of the cure is to delay ageing processes and strengthen the immune system.
The medicinal oils ensure a clear complexion, suppleness of the skin and strengthening of the body.
  • 5 nights and 4 cure days with 8 treatments
  • Ayurvedic full board
  • Consultation & pulse diagnosis
  • Treatments according to anamnesis, e.g:
    • Abhyanga - ayurvedic full body oil massage
    • Vishesh - energy massage
    • Udvartana - special abdominal massage
    • Mukabhyanga - Ayurvedic head & face massage
    • Padabhyanga - ayurvedic foot massage (25 min)
    • Shirodhara - forehead oil pouring
    • Pristabhyangam - back massage Udvartana - herbal powder massage
    • 1 Marmabhyangam (energy points massage)
  • Yoga & Meditation as per weekly programme
  • Access to the SPA and swimming pool
from € 1.400,00 per person plus room rate

Ayurveda is a practice which helps people connect with themselves at a deep level and, as such, it focuses on each individual’s needs.
No two people and bodies are alike, each with their rich, personal story.

The ENGEL AYURPURA relies on its medical Ayurveda team to design individual treatments, attending to your every need and intervening on the spot should your demands change.

That's why the ENGEL Ayurpura believes in a tailored approach to all treatments as well as nutrition and fitness plans, to ensure everyone is followed based on their personal needs. The treatments aim to stimulate mental regeneration, detoxing, weight loss, foster preventive defences and speed rehabilitation.